Basil Sellers Art Prize

An encounter on the path that leads to the river Michael Thomson

Meg’s award for atmosphere, youthful shoulder blades and stance
Glory going Gillian Wilde

Meg’s award for delicacy, detail and composition
Meg’s award for daring composition, individual faces, and amusement
J Valenzuela Didi Five sisters of the Maritime
Meg’s award for composition, colour, shapes, design and light
Evan Curtis Landscape (Bellambi)
Meg’s award for light and bird in flight
Grace Paleg Landscape impossible
Meg’s award for composition, fallen petals, colour and subtlety
Ann Maree Clark Hellebores and litterfall
Meg’s award for composition, shadows, light and subject matter
Leanne Harrison Davies Dream and be full
Meg’s award for horizontals and verticals, composition, colour and gleam David Ramsland Still life with red cup
Meg’s award for off-centre composition, portraiture and mood
Veronica Colvin Tough little nugget
Meg’s award for infinite intricacy
Sara Freeman After-Resonance (egg tempera and wax on board)
Meg’s award for bark, intricacy, palette and detail
Simone Read The quiet within (brush and ink on linen)
Other works
Meg’s award for texture and seeing into the heart of a flower
Judith Thomson Hidden hope
Meg’s award for emotion, portraiture and catching a familiar thought
Bruce Whatley Self portrait: Self doubt
Meg’s award for rich abstraction, incorporation of wood and colour
Peggy Zephyr Moon stars darkness fire
Meg’s award for symbolism and thought provocation
Ben Ryan Exposed bone