At very low tide, beauties revealed

Brought to the surface
Sonatas in pink

A touch of orange
Gleaming greeny-gold
Denizens of deeper-than-usual
Crab remnants
Washed up alive
Shearwater, perfectly posed by death
Chiton – aka sea cradle or coat-of mail shell

And still the ash comes in …


2 thoughts on “At very low tide, beauties revealed

  1. So much more to see on your beach. Love the pinks and the oranges. And that perfectly posed Shearwater – did it have a little help? Shame about the ash though, I wonder how many beaches along the east coast are troubled by it. Not good for the Christmas tourism I imagine.

  2. We used to have sea coal on some of our north east beaches and the sight always depressed me. Enjoy your Christmas company, sweetheart 🙂 🙂

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