12 thoughts on “Glimpses 2

  1. You’d gone a bit silent recently, and I miss a bit of Meg in my world, so great to see You’d gone a bit silent, and I miss a bit of Meg, so it’s great to see these glimpses of yours!

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  2. OK, hope the reboot is getting used to being back home, not something beyond your control, Meg…. sending regenerating hugs 😊😊


  3. She’s over the worst, I presume. 🙂 🙂 We’re up to our ears in guests, but it’s a nice thing. Just grabbing 5mins while the washer whirls, and to send you a hug!


  4. Getting used to being home sometimes seems to be “something beyond my control”, I can tell you, but that’s all it is. We practised rock-hopping and picnics last weekend – it’s more than four months since routine weekends for Joe and me. Thanks for regenerating hugs: always a help!

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