12 thoughts on “Glimpses 2

  1. You’d gone a bit silent recently, and I miss a bit of Meg in my world, so great to see You’d gone a bit silent, and I miss a bit of Meg, so it’s great to see these glimpses of yours!

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  2. I only grabbed a few images – my friend wasn’t well enough for our usual adventures, although much better than expected and reasonably amenable to instructions to rest.


  3. OK, hope the reboot is getting used to being back home, not something beyond your control, Meg…. sending regenerating hugs 😊😊


  4. She’s over the worst, I presume. 🙂 🙂 We’re up to our ears in guests, but it’s a nice thing. Just grabbing 5mins while the washer whirls, and to send you a hug!


  5. Getting used to being home sometimes seems to be “something beyond my control”, I can tell you, but that’s all it is. We practised rock-hopping and picnics last weekend – it’s more than four months since routine weekends for Joe and me. Thanks for regenerating hugs: always a help!

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