Near home

1: The headland after rain

For once promised rain actually eventuates. Not a heap, but more than we’ve had for months. I don’t get up till and unheard of 11 am after an all-night read: is this still a peculiar kind of jet-lag? My determination to walk is undiminished, and I enjoy an unaccustomed world of long puddles in Trunketabella Street.

Rain has worked its miracle of making things more vivid: the bark on spotted gums; the lichen on casuarinas; the moss on the track behind the dunes.

But there is a reminder of bushfire in the rather puny burn parallel to the desiccated creek.

II: A dash round two blocks

It’s cold, beanie cold; a skivvy and jumper cold; thick sox cold. It’s astonishing how this speeds me up. I divert briefly before the hill spurt to watch my son inside a sizeable wave. my photo actually captures a lull in sizeable.

Waterpipes are being replaced in the village so men – and one woman – in hi-viz yellow are everywhere.

I amble past a second group: six men and one woman stand around a big hole where one man is digging.

The creek is dry, dry, dry and desiccation continues, although spring flourishes in hakea and grevillea.

And in a litter of four puppies, which my son eyes longingly.

III: Bits of Bermagui, Cobargo and en route

Wagonga Inlet, Narooma

Bermagui wetlands

Bermagui River


8 thoughts on “Near home

  1. We are having rather more than a bit of rain! At the moment it is raining stair rods! But I realise you need the rain. A lot. Lovely images, I like the colours on the bark and the different lichens. Do you not get the yellow / orange type near you? And those pups do look sweet, but that’s another ten years at least of responsibility. Has your son moved in permanently then? Mine is still here, but hopefully not permanently!

  2. Love the vividness after the rain! Very short-lived here and we’re back to scorched, but it’s home- as is yours 🙂 🙂 Love the rainbow shot! Another sunny day hug 🙂

  3. A bit more rain here, but 20 more houses burnt near my son’s bush block: it’s safe because it was totally burnt out in the last fire a few weeks ago, except for the shack. This one was deliberately lit, they reckon.

  4. We do get yellow orange lichen, but more on beach rocks (I think). My son lives here – has done for a number of years now. He’s a perfect housemate. His dog is 12, and has given us concern for a week with vestibular condition, which affects his balance, his hearing, his eyesight. He sidles downstairs leaning against the wall – like I do. He is getting better – it’s something older dogs get. But it looked terminal when his eyes started spinning. No more cheese or meat scraps for you Cruz!

  5. Elderly pets are a concern, one of our cats started having strokes and couldn’t balance properly. So sad to watch him struggle. Haven’t had any other pets since.

  6. The lichen almost looks like it should be in a salad Meg. I love it all, especially the spotted gum and the puppies, can’t your son have one?

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