Strange how themes emerge and transform. First, I saw this stripey wheelbarrow planter on the Potato Point Road …

… and planters became the thing I kept seeing: a hollow trunk overflowing with Sydney rock orchids; a boat in front of an old shed with ghost writing speaking to Bodalla’s past; a mosaic planter beside the highway in Narooma.

From there it became other things roadside: at Beauty Point on the Bermagui Road a bus shelter, beautifully sited; and at Fairhaven a plaque marking Aboriginal trading routes, with directions to an ancient midden, which I don’t see till I get home.

I didn’t even really see the plaque: I stopped to look at the figure inside a hollow log.

Nor was that the only thing I didn’t see. I was on my way to a concert at Four Winds – violin and classical piano accordion. I pulled over at Cuttagee Beach, and was so busy scrutinising my sandwich I didn’t see the spectacle in front of me until cars began pulling up beside me: whales close in heading south with a display of tail and mighty fin, and the odd blow.

2 thoughts on “Roadside

  1. Oh, how lovely to see whales close to the shoreline! We had an adult humpback in Mount’s Bay over the summer (August). I didn’t see it only on the TV, but it is a nice thought that they come this way occasionally.

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