Eurobodalla beaches: Guerilla Bay

My Thursdays are rich and full, and today the tide obliged for phase 1, a (relatively) early exploration of a beach my son assures me I’ve visited before, once long ago, “in the days when you made us all walk”. No memory in my head. Maybe I was too caught up in wrangling unwilling walkers.

I have to ask a man walking with his music for directions to the beach. I drive through bushland hiding houses, some of them obviously old beach shacks from, maybe, the 1940s, some of them who’d probably regard “shack” as a dirty word.

When I reach the car park I find the owners of a camper van with breakfast spread out on the picnic table, looking out over a pair of rocky headlands enclosing a bay, guarded on the sea-side by a rocky island.

Suddenly I’m back in the world of geology. Formations look familiar and I poke around muttering “BIM? Bogolo? Collision between land and tectonic plate? It looks like Narooma. I wonder … ?” Back home I google and find a site which quotes at length a paper about the geology of Guerilla Bay. I’m delighted to recognise all the geological terms, and to find it is indeed like Narooma.

Of course, I’m also caught by beauty: seaweed draped as if by a practitioner of haute couture: rockpools nestled in rockpatterns; pools of rocks and pools of sand; multi-coloured rock; honeycomb niches waiting for minute madonnas or providing a hook for a dog-leash.

I leave the beach and look back at it through a screen of leaves. The track winds briefly through the bush and I return to the sand a couple of metres away from the stairs that took me to the track.

I head briefly south to a longer, less interesting beach, backed by visible houses.

Time’s running out, so I walk past a tumble of rocks; a spread of grey pebbles; across a rock platform to different angles on the ancient rocks; and a reminder of human attempts to preserve this environment.

The name Guerilla Bay is taken (probably) from an Aboriginal word guarella, meaning “big rock”

10 thoughts on “Eurobodalla beaches: Guerilla Bay

  1. Such a range of beauty, Meg! I have family here at present and the weather has turned but it’s a joy to see them 🍨🌷🍰🍦💕


  2. Love your enthusiasm for geology, Meg! And as usual, you show OS the terrain together with the smaller details…. I shall be posting some decay in a few days!


  3. Enjoy your family my dear friend. I have a backlog of blog-reading that might have to wait till after Easter: I’m not neglecting you. Have a hug or two from the antipodes.


  4. This beach was a special delight – a good start to a busy day. Of which I’ve had many recently, often involving long drives, which may account for my silence. My main decay experience this days is, unfortunately, my guttering!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks, darlin 🙂 🙂 Just waiting for small person to join me for reading time. Sam Wu is not afraid of Sharks 🙂 Hugs back to you!


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