Animals on bikes

Between Yeoval and Cumnock in the central west of NSW the locals have been having fun, providing dangerous distractions on a road which doesn’t allow much opportunity to pull off. We first noticed bikes suspended high in trees years ago – this stretch is part of our backroading to get to Queensland with a minimum of traffic. Always we said “We must stop.” This time we did, mainly because “the twins might enjoy these.” What we thought was just a bit of local fun and neighbourly competitiveness turns out to have links to the Dubbo Zoo, and an annual prize for the best addition to the menagerie.

These critters were chosen by the size of the verge that allowed us to pull over and photograph. There were many more.

15 thoughts on “Animals on bikes

  1. Yay! Comments are open! Hope this means you are going to relent on this. The Hot Rod Henny is fabulous. Aussies seem to have a thing with metal objects in their fields. We saw plenty driving through WA in 2003. Some very odd ones too!

  2. Not back any more than I have been. I’ll still only be posting intermittently. This one had to go up because it’s a link to a yet-to-be-posted journey one for Cathy.

  3. Comments will be open – but all my posts won’t be. Just a titillating few.

    Last weekend I went to Sculpture Bermagui on a headland looking out to Gulaga – recycling features there too, both metallic and plastic.

  4. Oh, well, some is better than none. I do find reading your posts and not being able to say anything quite frustrating. By the time I send an email I have forgotten what it was I thought!!

  5. How quirky and wonderful, Meg! I love these animals and the sense of humor it must have taken to create them. I’m so glad you were able to pull over to take photos! 🙂

  6. Yes, the twins would love them 🙂 🙂 Has the heat got to you, hon, or are you simply busy? I don’t know whether I should be sharing walks with you or if you prefer to remain ‘incognito’. 🙂 You already have many friends. I’m pinched for time again, but hope all is well with you? Sending a heap of hugs!

  7. I’m absolutely fine, my dear. Busy and lazy, both. And different priorities for a while. You sound busy too. Today for me routine doctor (auditioning a new one) and eye check; meeting of the local refugee action group -we’re organising an exhibition of paintings by people in detention; buying muslin to sprout mung beans and a festival chair for the Easter two days of music; and walking a new beach! And then Warsaw accommodation to be booked for June – August. Hugs to you – and I will return!

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