Photoshoot Stanthorpe

At last I fought off heat-fear and set out on one of the excursions I thought would be daily when I left 22° for a heatwave two weeks ago. I was armed with a few photographic intentions – I had to do something with all those photo-tip articles I downloaded in idle post-Christmas moments. Stanthorpe is a town I’ve visited many times and yet nearly everything in this post has been photographed for the first time.

I: Houses

II: Street art

Stanthorpe green

Stanthorpe signs, colours, shopfronts and shop displays

This photo walk was inspired by wanderessence, a nice companion piece to her Durango post, and by an article on photo-walks. I set off in search of signs, green, shop displays, vibrant colours, people, and houses, and as with all best-laid plans I got more than I bargained for – a richness of street art.