Eurobodalla beaches: Pedro Beach / Moruya Surf Beach


Driving through bush after rain:

muddy road, deep brown puddle-splash,

old man banksias and swamp mahogany,

and then a glimpse of ocean.

Sky moody blue and grey,

broken ocean slashed with white,

sand-surface pocked,

with loops

of tideline shells and footprints,

and scattered seaweed,

golden red, black, translucent buff.

Towards the south,

platform welcoming cormorants, tide and sky;

cow pat patterns

rocky outcrop,

crouched and lumpy,

registering an ancient past.

Ahead, a vast expanse of sand

towards a distant headland;

intriguing sandtracks climbing dunes

into the background bush and lowering clouds.

A figure perches on the rocky outcrop


then stands against the sky.

Back at the road, a flat and open space

just asking for a tent

beside a sign that says “no camping”.


Towards the north

through flowering ti tree arched across the track,

a different scene:

cliffs of rock, not dunes,


for stockpiled sand and tiny gardens.

Sand-slides fall in deltas,

a rocky creatures drags its spine,

towards the south;

jagged edges frame the sea.

A smooth expanse of slatey rock,

cross-sections through the cataclysmic folds

that show so clearly in the next cove round.

Waves come crashing in.

Northern vistas have to wait for

a lower tide.


Same beach, to the south


change the weather,

change the tide,

and there you have

a different beachscape,

watched over by a man aboard

a thrumming kite

and a scrutineer of rocks

in rounded tesselations,

green swathed.